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Founder. Head of International Business & Production

A talent from Rede Paradiso since 2022, Bartolomeu is a passionate transmasculine and the co-founder of Arruda Filmes. His love for cinema started at a young age, and he pursued his dream of studying it at PUC-Rio. After graduating, he worked tirelessly in various roles on film sets, from production assistant to assistant director, to hone his skills and gain valuable experience in projects like “Invisible Life” by Karim Ainouz, “Executive Order” by Lázaro Ramos and TV Globo.

In 2019, Bartolomeu worked as a creative assistant at Netflix, where he gained extensive knowledge of new entertainment platforms. In 2020, he and his partners, Carol Aó and Emanuela Moura, decided to take a leap and open their own film production company.

Arruda Filmes was born out of their shared vision to create innovative and impactful films from a diverse talent pool that could reach global audiences. Bartolomeu's meticulous attention to detail and ability to work effectively with actors, crew members, and producers are well-known and admired.

Through hard work, creativity, and dedication, Bartolomeu and his team at Arruda Filmes have established themselves as ethical producers in the film industry. They continue to push the boundaries of film and inspire audiences with their bold and imaginative storytelling.

CAROL AÓ| Salvador

Founder. Creative Producer & Film Director

On set since 2009, Carol AÓ is a visual storyteller born in Salvador, who has been residing in São Paulo since 2014. She works in directing and screenwriting in cinema, as well as serving as a script supervisor, assistant director, and script consultant on productions for Netflix, Amazon, Star+, HBO, etc. She has directed several documentaries in Salvador and has been involved in projects such as "Invisible Life" by Karim Ainouz; "Doctor Gama" and "M8" by Jeferson De, and the unreleased "The Other Side of Heaven" by Gabriel Mascaro. In "Invisible City" - seasons 1 and 2, her collaboration with director Luis Carone (which began during the series "Pico da Neblina") allowed her to engage in active listening direction, contributing to scene construction throughout the series. In addition to these projects, Carol AÓ has contributed to "Turma da Mônica - Lições", "The Caretaker", "Sister Dulce", and "Happily Ever After?", among others.

In 2024, she released her first fiction film, "Heaven Doesn't Know My Name," whose screenplay was awarded at the LAB Black Narratives APAN/AMAZON 2020, the OEI New Original Screenplays Contest in 2020, the Griot LAB 2020, granted 2nd place in the PROAC 2020 short film grant from the state of São Paulo.

Currently, she works as a director in advertising at Pródigo Filmes.

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